Serving the Las Cruces Area Since 1950

Johnny’s Septic Tank Co. specializes in everything related to wastewater. Wastewater is the only focus in our business so we can fully concentrate on being the best in that industry.

Here is a list of our services:

*Pump septic tanks – environmentally friendly disposal.
*Evaluations of septic systems as required for property transfer.
*Pump grease traps -- environmentally friendly disposal.
*Repair septic systems.
*New system installations for single family homes, mobile home parks, RV Parks and
 apartment buildings
*installation of grease traps.
*Installation and repair of commercial septic systems.
*City sewer hookups.
*We sell and install precast concrete and poly tanks in various sizes.
  (We also carry tanks with an H20 load rating)
*Discharge plan management.
*installation of lift pumps and lift stations.
*Small treatment plant installations and management.
*Installation of Advanced Treatment Units and non-discharging systems.

If you would like Johnny's to quote your new installation or replacement, please contact our office at 575-526-5442,  or you can email us at

Services :


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